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Social and competitive tennis and award-winning coaching
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Little Chalfont Tennis Club Competition Winners Doubles
New Members WelcomeFrom beginners to winners, we are committed to Fair Play.

We have 4 TigerTurf™ courts and 2 hard courts. Two of the TigerTurf™ tennis courts have floodlights available to 9pm, for which there's no charge. We have guidelines to ensure that people can find a court when they come to play:

Court space is usually available, and we'd love to see the courts even better used. Arrange to meet other members in daylight hours from 8am and use the floodlights free of charge until 9pm. The times to consider avoiding (unless you're part of the existing regular groups or having coaching) are Saturday 9am-1pm, Tuesday 9-11am and Friday 9-11am and Tuesday evenings from 6pm. Do come earlier or later! Even at those times, there may well be (hard) court space.


Floodlights are available to adult members with a Clubhouse key from dusk until 9pm free of charge on Court 2 at the weekends and Court 4 in the afternoons and evenings (except Tuesdays from 6pm and some Wednesdays from 6.30pm when there are team practice sessions). Please remember to record floodlight usage and keep to the 9pm floodlight curfew.

Court Allocation