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Little Chalfont Tennis Club during COVID19 lockdown
Little Chalfont Tennis Club COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 20 May Update

Members are encouraged to read the latest update to our COVID-19 policy.

Members are asked to respond to the 14 May email if you intend to play tennis. No general or social tennis: just one pre-arranged singles game with one other member OR play with members of your household.

  1. One set of clearly marked balls per household with which its member/s can serve.
  2. In order to maintain 2m physical distance from anyone who is not from your household do not enter the path beside the courts if others are already on it coming towards you.
  3. Over the weekend the courts seem to have been lightly used. However, we're considering having a booking system to record usage and assure space. If you have views on that, please let us know.

An updated application form is available for those who have household members or know of other players who would like to join. If you haven't yet renewed your subscription, please do at 75% of the original rate.

No use of the Clubhouse or facilities accessed through it.