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Play Your Way to Wimbledon!

Play Your Way to Wimbledon group

Several of these sessions have been played: contact Colin if you'd like to join the Boys' Doubles. Here are our Girls' Doubles players. Well done Anique & Rachel!

Winners Men's Doubles

group playersCongratulations to Kirthan and Bakee who won our closely contested Men's Doubles on 6 May. The same number of points (3 pairs) and games (2 pairs) meant that it was decided on Rock - Paper- Scissors as it was raining too heavily for tie-breaks by the end. Kirthan and Bakee go through to the County stage.

Boys' and Girls' Singles

Congratulations to Tanish and Diya! They won their Singles on 21 April.


Tell me about this tournament ...

Play Your Way to Wimbledon is a great chance to take part locally in this national tournament. FREE entry for members. 6 separate sessions were available: Boys' and Girls' aged 11-14 Singles; Men's and Women's Doubles aged 19+; Boys' and Girls' aged 11-18 Doubles. We managed some play before the rain came! Thanks to everyone who played with such good sportsmanship.